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LegendDB is a repository of information gathered from LegendMUD and stored here for everyone's reference. Please note that the information here is only as accurate as what is reported to us. If you find any inaccuracies, these are NOT the responsibility of the Immortals on LegendMUD. If you report them, or post them to the messageboard, they will get fixed asap.
Quests are searchable - 11/11/2003 06:43:06Ugh!!
Added Search facility to quests page and fixed various bugs around the site. If you'd like to see any more enhancements contact me. Btw, got a webcam image up at my blog if you want to say hello :)
New Updates - 24/08/2003 15:40:15Ugh!!
Got a new batch of updates in. Enjoy !
Improved Weapon Display - 02/01/2003 12:17:55Ugh!!
Weapon display has been cleaned up, with Dam/Hit stats added.
New Contact Form in - 22/12/2002 00:20:18Ugh!!
I've just added a Contact Form to try and make it easier for people to contribute ideas and information. Please feel free to post any corrections, updates or new information. I'll do my best to keep the website updated as new info comes in.
ICQ List in - 30/12/2001 02:17:29Ugh!!
I've just added in a new ICQ List (you'll find it on the left hand side). This is based on the message thread on Legend News Board. If anyone needs to make any changes, drop me a line here.
Merry Xmas - 16/12/2001 14:25:59Ugh!!
Just a small note to wish everyone a great Xmas and a smashing new year. May your HP never run low and your enemies run into Barney often!!
Weapons are in - 19/10/2001 22:34:50Ugh!!
Weapons are now in, can be searched for in the Equipment page and used in the Character Maintenance page. Note that until cleared up, you will find duplicate weapon records. However, we will be working on removing them from the Hold slot.
Weapons database almost up - 19/10/2001 00:37:48Ugh!!
The weapons database is almost ready. I have uploaded the initial data (thanks Dugrik), and modified the equipment search to read in data from the weapons database also. Initially, weapons will appear twice in the search results, in the hold slot and in the weapon slot. This will be fixed in the next few days, after the character maintenance page is modified to cater for the new weapons info. Let me know if you have any feedback.
Directions Prototype Up - 07/08/2001 03:08:56Ugh!!
There's a prototype for the new Pathfinder project :) This enables you to get speedwalk directions from one area to another in the same timezone. Feedback is welcome.
Message Board ! - 03/07/2001 00:30:04Ugh!!
I've set up a rudimentary Message Board so that people can post messages onto the site. It's still rather basic and any comments would be appreciated. Have a look here.
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