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This post is very likely the first of it’s kind, as it is one where I have known the groom to be longer than I have known the bride!  I’ve known Jacob since… well, as long as he’s been alive.  In our pack of six cousins we were often found doing something together, whether it was celebrating holidays, attending recitals, or just getting together for a weekend barbecue.   Throughout the past 20 or so years, it has only been my sister and I as the only girls in that mix of cousins.  When she got married last spring, that brought another boy to the mix.  Later in the year, there began to be mention of a girl in Jacob’s life and we all began to be curious about who this Sarah was.
Sarah and Jacob knew each other from high school, and had always been friends over the years.  A year after graduating from college, they began to reconnect and Jacob asked Sarah simply to hang out.  Sarah didn’t know it was considered a date until Jacob paid for dinner, complete with a cookie that Sarah didn’t even ask for.  In her own words, Jacob has always known her.  The proposal leading up to today was an adventure in itself.  Planned to happen in Sarah’s favorite spot in San Francisco, they were challenged with horrendous traffic, torrential downpours and the fact that the engagement ring hadn’t even arrived in the mail yet.  Making the best of a crazy situation, Jacob purchased a secondary ring, leaving Sarah now with two precious items to represent the beginning of the adventure they are about to begin.
I met up with Jacob and Sarah at the Folsom Powerhouse Historic State Park just as the skies were breaking after a cloudy, rainy weekend.  We spent the evening exploring the area, chatting and laughing.  Of course, I had to put these two dancers to the test with their dipping skills.  Safe to say, they did pretty well!  You can bet I’m expecting an epic first dance from these two at their wedding this September.

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